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Songs are typically faster and more contemporary than those sung from the Ausbund.

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(the alternating Sunday when a given district does not hold church service).

Similarly to an Amish church service, this will take place in a congregant family’s home, and will involve some singing as well as reading, with each member taking turns reading a few passages.

The New Order Amish could be described as The New Order Amish originate from a pair of movements in Ohio and Pennsylvania in the 1960s.

The key driving factors in the Ohio schism were twofold–one was a belief that controversial practices such as tobacco and alcohol use should be eliminated, and that “clean” courtship should be implemented for youth (as opposed to the practice of found among some Amish).

There has been some melding of this view with some Old Order districts in Holmes County in particular, and some of the Old Order districts have come to share similar views on this issue.