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In of the most high-profile cases to date, hackers breached the central bank of Bangladesh's systems in early 2016 and tricked the Federal Reserve Bank of New York into sending as much as m to accounts in the Philippines.(Additional reporting Reuters) Richard Rodger LET'S take our startup diary back to practical day-to-day matters.

The market has three sections: Exchange Hall - a large open plan trading area with a broad collection of items for sale.

Glass Arcade - home to a unique offering of world foods.

For the last few decades the favored attempt to resolve the puzzle has been a complex theory called "density waves." The theory has conceptual problems, has to be arbitrarily and very finely tuned, and has been called into serious question by the Hubble Space Telescope's discovery of very detailed spiral structure in the central hub of the "Whirlpool" galaxy, M51.

According to astronomical observations, galaxies like our own experience about one supernova (a violently-exploding star) every 25 years.

The framework envisages, among other tools, 'red teams' (RTs) of external hackers hired to find and exploit vulnerabilities in the companies being tested, a technique derived from the military world and widely used in the private sector. are the flags that the RT provider must attempt to capture during the test as it progresses through the scenarios," the ECB said.