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Too often, picking a photo results in a choice between some shot from a party that you don’t remember taking (or even attending), or some dated, blurry image from an event just to show that, yes, you do get out of your house. Now, before you freak out and start calling photographers in your area with an offer to barter images in exchange for social media training, you can actually get great results with most any point and shoot camera that’s available today.

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From what I’ve seen, there’s a lot of weirdness when it comes to showing yourself off online.

I can teach you how to love taking your own perfect pictures like the star you are, based on my 15-year career in the photo industry as a fashion stylist, just download the free 30-page How to Look Great in Photos Cheat Sheet, According to dating sites, the more photos, the merrier results.

Try different ideas with your arms (straight down, on hips, one arm on hips, arms crossed, etc).

These movements do more than give you busy work for your hands. If not, try this trick to get the background to go out of focus: It’s that simple!

I've also had a syndicated newspaper fashion advice column and featured in lots of media.