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That keeping on trying will make things good at the end.The lyrics; the lights will not guide you through; they’re deceiving you, don’t jump, encourages those suicidal not to falter when troubles and crisis come to life.The tune in tells of a kid wearing glasses and braces who endures the countless teasing and bashing from his schoolmates.

Don’t Laugh at Me, popularized by Mark Willis has the lyrics and tune that inspires kids that are bullied at school premises.

Though has the same as Peter Yarrow’s song title; the lyrics are the difference.

The music video shows how the character managed and dealt with his condition even bullies from school is bashing him.

Not only with this incapability, but to all those with physical conditions can relate and be empowered.

For those with physical insecurities, this song is the one you need to hear.

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    After only joining the site 3 hours earlier, this is what ‘My Activity’ looked like: And after 24 hours ‘My Activity’ looked like this: And after 7 days: I’d now received 21 messages, 30 winks, and had 46 admirers. Especially considering I’d not yet filled out a single word in my profile, nor had I uploaded a photo, and I had even given myself the onscreen name: “ihaverabies”.

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    "Maybe it was bad for her image to be seen with me.

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    AOL and Yahoo set up chat rooms for numerous topics to draw audiences to their networks.

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