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Hair crimping was a long, tedious procedure where we would take a crimping iron (looks like the illegitimate lovechild of a hair straightener and a George Foreman grill) and begin putting these zigzag patterns in our hair.

Some of us would do our entire head full of zigs and zags and sometimes we would only crimp handful of hair for a bit of effect.

It was fun to dress back then and the younger generations still find the styles and colors exciting, although they can't wear them today without a legitimate excuse.

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Then we could pile on the eye make up, heavy blush, and bright lipstick without the interference of blemishes or contoured skin tone.

I have no idea what we were on that made us think that hair crimping was attractive, but there it was.

Our face was a platform that was meant to show off wild colors, not our natural beauty.

We applied our foundation on thick to give ourselves a “blank” surface to work on.

Most people my age have since destroyed all the photos showing their 80s mullets. It went great with my fuchsia jelly shoes and neon clothing I used to wear nearly every single day (no surviving pictures, sorry).