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Aired May 06, 2018 **Only selected games available LIVE.

Schedule: June 2, SAT, 2PM (Balipure vs Creamline), 4PM (Paymaya vs Petrogazz); June 3, SUN, 2PM (Iriga-Navy vs Banko Perlas), 4PM (Pocari-Air Force vs Tacloban) *Schedule may change without prior notice.

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2018 | 2h Set in the turbulent decade of the 70s, the film is based on the true-life story of Ongkoy who was once the leader of the infamous anti-vigilante group “Kuratong Baleleng.” Ongkoy is regarded by many as the “Robin Hood” of Mindanao and his passionate and powerful views on family and patriotism remains to be the stuff of legend in Filipino culture even to this very day.

In a dilemma, Jerry has to protect Roselle without blowing his cover.