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Moral of the story: free is in a league of it’s own. If you charge for shipping If you decide to still charge for shipping, you have to do this one thing: mention shipping costs up front.

In fact, shipping costs are the main reason why people prefer brick and mortar to online. David Bell, Wharton If you’re afraid that offering free shipping will erode most of the profit in the order, watch this video for a useful strategy to use. In the book “Free“, the author Chris Anderson shares the case of Amazon. While 20 cents IS almost free, it sure didn’t seem that way to people.

Once Amazon implemented the free shipping offer, sales went up in each country except for one – France. Once they changed it to free, sales went up also in France.

If they’re convinced only half way through, they can just skip and continue to checkout.

Let’s look at the same product on Home Depot and Amazon.

[Original Research] Images are good, but everything indicates that video is the future.