Trail dating

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Separately, trust and patience are incredibly important attributes to any relationship.

Typically, trust is the hero, while patience serves as the trusty side-kick. If you sit at home, thinking about all the potential ways your boyfriend could die on an Appalachian Trail hike, you’ll go batsh*t crazy. Nevertheless, there wasn't a single second when I felt like giving up.

However, there was something about that damn trail that proved to be a strain on both of us. It was a learning experience for us, and it really changed my outlook on our relationship for the better.

Not only did he complete the entirety of the Appalachian Trail, but he finished in just three and a half months. It’s insane.)Initially, I figured I’d be just fine, since I was pretty used to his job as a contractor, which took him overseas quite a bit.

Similarly, his trust that I would wait fueled his patience with me.