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Christopher Parish in Tonawanda and joined the Catholic Church.

He graduated from Buffalo State College with a degree in Hospitality and Tourism.

When he would attend Mass with relatives as a young person, he was impressed by so much of what went on.

He noted, “Following a ritual along with the universal church as well as the reverence all throughout with kneeling, crossing yourself before the Gospel, and other body language was something awe inspiring to me that I could picture myself doing.

John Paul II was famous for quoting the phrase Jesus used often, “Be not afraid,” in many of his writings. Cole Webster found that quote very inspiring in his life.

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    Los Liberales y Conservadores, Lleras Camargo, Laureano Gómez y Ospina Pérez se unen, hacen el primer PACTO DE PAZ, denominado, Pacto de Benidorm, complementado con el Pacto de Sitges, crean el FRENTE NACIONAL y se distribuye el Gobierno alternativamente entre 1958 y 1974. Las FARC se declara COMUNISTA con respaldo internacional.

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