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Mr Guney had not drunk alcohol for four years, she says.

She added that cheques had gone missing from her father’s home on the day of his death, adding to the family’s belief that their father was killed for financial reasons.‘And now Diane wants to squeeze this money out of us.

At an earlier hearing in April last year, Judge Lindsey Kushner QC handed Ms Holliday a crucial victory when she ruled that Mr Guney’s emotional attachment to the cemetery, which he bought in 1985, his choice of burial place and his love for their son, meant he had made England his home.

Mr Guney, who came to Britain in 1958 after fleeing political divisions between the Turkish and Greek parts of Cyprus, had greatly prospered here, and the judge said: ‘By the time of his death, Mr Guney established a firm domicile of choice in the UK.’However, the tycoon’s family is now asking Appeal Court judges to overturn that decision and block Ms Holliday’s inheritance bid.

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