Tweet and missy dating

The group recruited Timothy Mosley a.k.a Timbaland as their producer who was Missy's neighbor.

The group caught the attention of De Vante Swing, a member of Jodeci and moved to NY and signed a deal with Elektra Records.

Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer Eva Marcille revealed to Us Weekly’s managing editor Brody Brown how Missy Elliott reacted to Shamea Morton bringing up old rumors that the two women dated in the past.

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They renamed the group and called it Sista and debuted the song Brand New in 1993.

The group's first album was produced by Timbaland and De Vante titled $ All the Sistas Around da World in 1994.

What personal challenges that you've experienced during your hiatus will be reflected on , you'll probably hear a lot more secure Charlene.

I'm fine with who I am and secure as the woman and artist. Spiritually, mentally, I'm just in this whole other place, and I'm excited and I'm ready for whatever is to come.

What's your relationship with Twitter and social media?