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A former model, Pennington’s modelling career got a boost when he was rounding off his last semester in college.As time progressed, he went on to walk down the runway in big cities like Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan and Thailand, where he also lived for some time.For over a decade, he has been in a sincere and worthwhile relationship with his longtime sweetheart, Andrea Bock.

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He is best known for his role on the hit series, Trading Spaces.

Before that, he worked as a model for such companies as J. He and Bock met in Atlanta and began dating long before he become famous.

Some time ago, precisely after he faded away from the spotlight, it was all over the rumor mill that the much-loved multi-talented personality had passed away but the news eventually turned out to be false and another celebrity death hoax.

Ty has made neat earnings from acting, hosting shows on Television, artistry, writing, carpentry, and other endeavours.

He has a woman he’s living with and both are happy they found each other.

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