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Now, of course, Banks has built something of an empire after more than 20 seasons of her competition show is not a novel; instead, it's a back-and-forth conversation between "Tyra and her Mama," as the cover puts it, that reads like a text or e-mail chain—and happens to be something of a guidebook for the many fans and friends who've come up to them and said how envious they are of their relationship.

(For example, there was the time when Banks's modeling agency informed her that she'd put on too much weight—and London promptly took her hurt daughter out for pizza.) Here, the pair share a bit more about their life over the years, as well as a glimpse of how things are now, in their culture diet.

So I’d write it in the moment and I get a little flowery and very descriptive, and I’m so proud of it.

And then I say, "Tyra, look what I wrote last night! Hmm, you could say that in one sentence," and she’d just cross it all out! There’s a part in the book about how I call my mom and I’m like, "Mom, I’m having my period, don’t tell daddy! " I sent her that part, and said, "Now, Ma, write your response and say what you did." So she’s like—this is her writing—Tyra got on that phone and she called me and I heard those words and I remember back in the day when my mom didn’t tell me about my period but I didn’t want her to be ashamed, and I thought about her father, and how she shouldn’t be ashamed with her father, and I contemplated, Should I tell him? I’m not sure., and film our girls practically 24 hours a day, and every episode is made up of four days, so do the math of 24 times four: I have to edit that down to 40-something minutes for people to watch it. Tyra: I remember people not being able to look in my eye after it happened, and going to my mom, as I talk about in the book.

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