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I’d work seven days a week in all weathers and do everything from lambing and logging to looking after bullocks.

I used to suffer bouts of fatigue, and there was a suggestion that I had ME [myalgic encephalopathy, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome], but I always managed to work full-time.

I could cope if I slept for 10 hours each night, so I always made sure I went to bed early.

At 29, when I became pregnant with my first son Tom, I was worried about how I would cope.

I counted my blessings that I’d recovered from whatever had made me so tired in the past. It began quite gradually – one day I would be OK but the next I’d be exhausted. It was like wading through a muddy field – my legs felt as heavy as lead and I’d shuffle rather than walk. It was tremendously painful, as though there wasn’t enough elasticity in my joints. Even the simplest things, like driving my children to school, became a massive chore as just holding the steering wheel made my arms ache. Whichever position I lay in, I felt awful pressure and discomfort.

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