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Standard bonus money terms and conditions apply (note, if you withdraw all your funds, then you'll lose your bonus money). FREE £5 FREE vouchers can be found in a number of weekly and monthly magazines.

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Be the first person to answer a question and the CM will reward you with £1.00. You can win up to £2 per day with chat games, when you reach this level an asterisk (*) will appear by your username in the chat window.

Each 24-hour period will begin at 4 am and the asterisk will then disappear.

In the event that a guaranteed promotional prize is shared each player will win a proportionate share of the guaranteed prize relating to their stake.

Any player that completes their game in the required number of calls will receive the full jackpot amount. In the unlikely event that a promotional game should malfunction or not run as intended, due to issues on tombola’s part, every endeavour will be made to rectify the situation.

You can use bonus money to play our games except Hamster Race or tombola roulette.