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In WSG, if you and your mates go rolling into the enemy FR and slaughter 8 enemies – don’t grab the flag and go out past the GY… They are going to go out of their way to harm you as deeply and as earnestly as they can, and then they are going to /spit and /lol at your corpse, because everybody hates warlocks. Warlock Fear is the arguably the single best pvp CC in this game. He has a strong melee attack and a constant aoe fire aura.

Unless you enjoy being insta-zerged out of thin air. My personal favorite thing to do in WSG is to sit at the top of our ramp (above our zerk hut) and waylay would-be flagrunners. They hate fear, they despise dots, your felhunter is a rage magnet and your deathcoil (now Mortal Coil) once made the entire wow population cry floods of bitter tears for over a year. If it will score a kill or a prevent a warrior from dancing on your corpse, do it. Ranged cast, long duration, zero cooldown, permits damage. Don’t follow a fear with a nuke, you’re going to break your fear; what is wrong with you?? He’s also a fifteen-foot tall rock monster covered in bright green flames. Paladins can chew him up and spit him out and of course enemy Warlocks can banish him, so be ready for this.

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And they spend time fighting you and hopefully never get to the flag itself – while your team is (hopefully) getting theirs. BG chat is for calling incoming, not telling some guy from Suramar he’s a scrub because he didn’t heal you exactly when you wanted to be healed. Howl of Terror is a Fear, so even though it only lasts 8 seconds, your second, single-target Fear is only going to be 5 seconds, tops. If they took the time to kill him, you have successfully wasted their time.