Updating builder cabinets

For this kitchen, we sprayed the inside and outside of the cabinets for a crisp, clean look. Once the primer has dried overnight, take a buffing pad and lightly sand the primer.This will accomplish two things: It will smooth the finish for the next coat of paint and most importantly it will ensure that the primer bonded to the original surface. Again, we use a paint sprayer to apply the finish but you can easily use a good-quality brush and roller to achieve a professional look.The one person I’ve met (virtually) who did a FAB job is Julie Blanner.

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For cathedral style doors you’ll want to choose hardware that has slightly softer lines. I’ve chatted about this before and it’s a GREAT way to update your cabinets.

This idea takes your cabinets from looking like builder basic cabinets – to custom made.

Painting your cabinets like a professional will take 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the kitchen.

Still not a bad investment to save thousands of dollars right?

Now before we get into the guts n’ the glory, you need to figure out what style of cabinets you have…