Updating category axis excel

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Edit : I just created another chart in the same worksheet from this: 1, 2 and 01/02, 01/03 So 1 and 2 is the source data and the dates are the x axis. The quickest way I seem to have for getting a refreshed chart is to cut and paste back the chart. Ultimately, I had to click on each series and reselect the source to get them updated.

If I change the 2 into a 3, the chart will continue to display 2. When I renamed the tab page, there was no error, but some internal error must have caused the charts to freeze and get disconnected from the cell references.

Options in the VB Editor" width="427" height="368" /Sub Scale Axes() With Active Chart.

Value End With End Sub You can type all this into the code module, or you can copy it and paste it in. You can run the code by pressing Alt F8 to open the Macros dialog, selecting the procedure in the list of macros, and clicking Run.

This example can be expanded to include secondary axes, or to change other charts as well.