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FEATURESThe number of choices for truly free satellite TV or FTA receivers have been reducing due to the move to more popular IPTV or streaming media players. The greatest advantage of a free-to-air satellite receiver is no contract or monthly bills.The number of FTA channels are now focussed at special interest groups e.g. Another advantage of an FTA receiver is for use in remote areas, away from a good source of terrestrial or over-the-air reception, where an HDTV antenna struggles to get a good signal.

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If you want more options, you could supplement the system with a streaming service like Amazon Prime and create a budget conscious hybrid system.

You can see our reviews for FTA systems & receivers below.

Combined with the advice in our cord cutting guide fine tune your TV programming and receive broadcasts that you might struggle to achieve with other providers.

FTA systems are, all things considered, fairly inexpensive.

The Open Box TV unit supports more than 80,000 channels and features a Sunplus 1506 Processor, Full HD PVR, with 2 USB ports.