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As you can see, the cost to keep your maps current depends on how long you think you will keep the device. If you are only going to keep your GPS for a year, then the Tom Tom updates will cost the least and the Garmin updates will be quite excessive.

Keep the device for two years and costs become relatively close…

Garmin and Tom Tom both announced map update subscriptions this year, following on the heels of the impressive NAVIGON Fresh Maps offer.

Magellan has yet to announce any sort of map update subscription.

Tom Tom and Navigon have the cheapest plan here, although the GO models from Tom Tom are a tiny bit more. Hold on to your GPS for three years and we begin to see a flip.

Navigon is the most expensive Garmin with the Tom Tom GO line in the middle.

Finally Tom Tom’s offering allows you to pay for a subscription on an annual basis, and receive quarterly map updates.