Updating platform sun4v bootarchive

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Unfortunately, on reboot Solaris unhelpfully gives the error: kernel /platform/i86pc/multiboot [Multiboot-...error message during boot [Solaris 8 10/00]Hello, this is a Sparcstation 20 with one additional le device (501-2015).

During boot I see: configuring IPv4 interfaces:ifconfig: #hostname.le0: bad address le0ifconfig: #hostname.le1: bad address le1.

anyway, before booting off CD or net - try to reset the server from OBP setenv auto-boot? Error during Boot of Solaris 9Hi All, A Solaris Server has some booting issue.

false reset-all and then try to boot off the local disk with -F failsafe option (I would try from both disks), if it doesn't work - boot off cdrom or net (if you have JS server) if you still have MMU Miss - log the call to Sun Cheers, Nikolai Boot archive corruption Solaris 10 u7: I had booted off DVD, mounted my root drive as /a, and wanted to update my boot_archive: bash-3.00# /a/sbin/bootadm update-archive -R /a Creating boot_archive for /a Could not seek to offset -1 in /tmp/create_ramdisk.164.tmp/32: Invalid argument updating /a/platform/sun4v/boot_archive mount: I/O error mount: Cannot mount /dev/lofi/1 umount: warning: /tmp/create_ramdisk.164.tmp/rd.mount.32 not in mnttab umount: /tmp/create_ramdisk.164.tmp/rd.mount.32 not mounted write: No such device or address 1 0 records in 1 0 records out update of /a/platform/sun4v/boot_archive faile... The error message shown during boot is as follows: ******************************************************************** Enter filename [kernel/sparcv9/unix]: Enter default directory for modules [/platform/SUNW, Sun-ULTRA_5-10/kernel /platform /sun4u/kernel ] /kerbel /usr/kernel] boot: cannot find misc/sparcv9/krtld boot: error loading interpreter [misc/sparcv9/krtld] Elf64 read error.

) log errors into err_xyz reject limit unlimited ; There are rows where it can possibly select upwards of 1000 rows and distinct will return about 5 different rows.