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I tried different solutions and noticed in general preferences of the finder 'show these options on the desktop' that the option 'CD, DVD and i Pod' was unselected.

I am sure that i did not unselect it myself and that the modification was introduced by the update; this could eventually explain why certain users don't see their CD and DVD on the desktop." In order to turn check whether or not this option is turned off, open the Finder's preferences (located under its Application menu) and click "General." Look to see if the options under "Show these Items on the Desktop" are active.

The SSD knows where it all your data is instantaneously. So when your Mac runs out of ram and pages to the SSD (uses the SSD as RAM) then it does not slow down, because an SSD is really like a big RAM drive!

That's why I (and you) can get away with 8GB of RAM.

The standard behaviour for blank CDs was set to ignore.