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Although the world is now at peace, there continues to be distrust between the Sphere Kingdom (Moon) and the Earth Federation.Travel between the two is restricted for diplomatic purposes and confined to a single spaceport on Earth.They are single-edged, with a gear-like mechanism between the hilt and the blade that allows them to fold up like a switchblade.

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One of the two blades can be quickly ejected from the assembly if needed, providing Cloud with an off-hand weapon during the highway battle and his battle with Kadaj.

As part of the assembled fusion sword the side blades do not have a vital function, possibly only adding mass, and therefore force, to strikes, and providing a decorative appearance.

Despite its lack of a core it is strong enough to deflect bullets from Yazoo's Velvet Nightmare handgun and Loz's physical attacks.

After regaining the main blade, Cloud uses the hollow blade as an off-hand weapon.

It consists of a long hilt wrapped in a red material, a large handguard which the other swords lock into, and a wide blade made of two parts, the second one thinner.