Updating task status updates resource status

In other words, you should plan to update all DAG members within a short period of time, and not allow them to run at different versions for days, weeks or months.

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Note: Exchange 2013 cumulative updates stop the “Microsoft Exchange Front End Transport” and “Microsoft Exchange Transport” services during the pre-requisites check.

If you do not proceed with the installation you will need to manually restart the Microsoft Exchange Transport service.

Note that the redirect target server must be provided as a fully qualified domain name.

[PS] C:\> Set-Server Component State E15MB1 –Component Hub Transport –State Draining –Requester Maintenance [PS] C:\> Redirect-Message -Server E15MB1 -Target E15MB2.exchange2013Confirm Are you sure you want to perform this action? ] Help (default is "Y"): y Exchange MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck has published a script for automating the process of starting and stopping maintenance mode.

The exact steps for this will depend on the load balancing solution that you use, and you should refer to your vendor documentation for those.