Updating your action replay

The device works just like a Game Boy Advance game and[More] "Pokemon Soul Silver" is a remake of "Pokemon Silver," released for the Nintendo DS in 2010.In "Pokemon Soul Silver," you can catch "shiny" Pokemon, which are Pokemon with a slightly different colour scheme than normal.

Because the Play Station Portable (PSP) uses a form of media known as a UMD, the Action Replay Max device has[More] The Action Replay MAX GBA is a cheat device for the Game Boy Advance (GBA).

The device allows players to input cheat codes for their favourite GBA games.

Your house will be compared to other, newer homes to establish whether it feels current or whether a new buyer will feel it is necessary to update the ho[More] Setting up the action on your guitar is always the beginning of the exciting world of guitar repair and maintenance.

Although these first steps can be scary, it's generally a quick and easy task that addicts people to guitar repair for years.

However, you may need to reset your Action Replay device if the GBA stops recognising it.