Xxx vebcam in kuwait - Updating your flashpaq

Here are the steps I remember: Flash car with Superchips mod Update Superchips programmer via web Reflash car with new updated Super Chips mod Where does return to stock go? There "should" be a way of backing your stock program up to your PC....

The Superchips family of performance tuners is our best selling line, and the Flashpaq is our best selling tuner of them all.

The most probable way a unit may get bricked is if it's disconnected during the update process.

Thanks for your help so far Bipto Okay, there were three choices when udating the falshpaq and I chose the third one. Although, depending on design, disconnecting during update may not break anything.

But I didn't notice any of them saying to raise IDLE. Some embedded computer devices have redundant software loads. Only after successful update, the bits are set to load from the backup.

Besides the three available tunes, the Superchips Flashpaq has a full list of features to optimize your vehicles performance including transmission optimization, tire and gear calibration, and more.

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Not necessary to return to stock before doing updates, some guys do it anyway - just to be safe.