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Implement algorithms for physical modeling of particle dynamics using simple Newtonian mechanics, for example Witkin & Kass, snakes and worms, symplectic Euler, Stormer/Verlet, or midpoint Euler methods.Recognize that there are important ethical issues to consider in computer security, including ethical issues associated with fixing or not fixing vulnerabilities and disclosing or not disclosing vulnerabilities.

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Using a particular software process, describe the aspects of a project that need to be planned and monitored, (eg, estimates of size and effort, a schedule, resource allocation, configuration control, change management, and project risk identification and management).

Describe the issues that are important in selecting a set of tools for the development of a particular software system, including tools for requirements tracking, design modeling, implementation, build automation, and testing.

Discuss how Internet access serves as a liberating force for people living under oppressive forms of government; explain how limits on Internet access are used as tools of political and social repression.

Plan interactions (eg virtual, face-to-face, shared documents) with others in which they are able to get their point across, and are also able to listen carefully and appreciate the points of others, even when they disagree, and are able to convey to others that they have heard.

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