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But TMZ has said the marriage breakdown was not over an affair at all, instead making the incredible accusation that Angelina had become '"fed up" with Brad's consumption of weed and possibly alcohol, and mixed with what she believes is "an anger problem" felt it became dangerous for the children.She also reportedly became upset over his parenting methods, with the couple differing in their approach to bringing up their six kids.

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"I kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve during this challenging time." He also spoke out saying that when a couple faces a difficult trial, it could either make or break them.

Angelina Jolie's manager Geyer Kosinski said in a statement: "Angelina will always do what's in the best interest to protect her children." Angelina's entertainment attorney Robert Offer released a statement, saying the star had made the decision "for the health of the family." Marion Cotillard is since said to be "absolutely devastated" over claims she is involved in the split.

Rumour has it that during their marriage Pitt was also shacking up with Kelly Brook while in the UK filming the movie Fight Club.

Though Jen and Brad's marriage was, for years, considered the rare Hollywood success, rumors of trouble began circulating, and the Pitts announced their separation in 2005.

But a source told TMZ that the claims around Pitt's parenting were a "malicious lie", saying "he's a loving and devoted father who has never and would never put his children in any dangerous situation." The source also said that the father of six wanted to remain a "present father" for the brood.