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No matter how old your child is, they will always be your baby. In fact, it is likely that sometime during their teen years, they begin doing grown-up things such as dating.And your baby dating is a big step to your child how you feel about it, including what age they are allowed to start.Some parents opt to take a ‘wait and see’ approach to dating and relationship boundaries, clamping down on when they believe their child has crossed the line.

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This is a good time for parents to guide their children towards a healthy understanding of love and relationships.

One of the most valuable ways that you can invest in your parent-child relationship is to connect with your child and understand the world through her eyes.

For example, you might want to stipulate that friends of the opposite sex are not allowed in the bedroom, or that an adult must be present when they come over to visit.

Setting the expectations right at the start will minimise conflict and miscommunication in future.

Spend time together, and be present as you initiate conversations on who her friends are, and what she likes, dislikes, dreams and worries about.