Who has condoleezza rice dating

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The tabloid would merely have to issue an apology and could only be sued for up to a maximum $1 million per picture per issue.

The money would be inconsequential, however, as the increased circulation would more than make up for the fine. Rice is a nominated federal employee, any lawsuits now fall under the umbrella of the Patriot Act.

Perhaps everyone should be extended the power of being able to protect his/her privacy with a law as powerful as the Patriot Act. Condoleezza Rice has taken on an air of international intrigue.

Late last night, an extremely well-coordinated group of thieves broke into the tabloid newspaper and stole the memory card that held the pictures of Ms. Because the pictures were stolen, the newspaper is no longer now legally responsible - Patriot Act or no Patriot Act.

I just hope that Newfoundland is upwind; that burnt cordite-gunpowder smell is a **** to get out of clothes.