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Bankruptcy details remain on people's ratings for up to six years, but for most minor problems it should take a year of good credit habits to return a rating to health.If information is wrong then you will need to contact the credit agency, explain what is wrong and ask for it to be sorted out.

And don't fall in to the trap of missing payments and thereby making your situation worse.

Bizarrely, the credit industry feels more comfortable dealing with people who have a track record of paying off credit so you do actually have more chance of making a successful application if, for example, you have taken out a mortgage or loan previously.

Your contribution then was not enough to save the government from having to go to cap in hand to the International Monetary Fund in 1976.

Nor did it make much difference to the deep recession that swept the country in 1982 – three years after Margaret Thatcher became our first woman prime minister.

The ladies will face the challenge of walking 13,000ft above sea level, camping in sub-zero temperatures at night, hiking over snow-capped mountains and facing the sweltering heat of the rainforest.