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Morgan Freeman is swimming at Jeffrey Tambor's house.

・・・ Follow us on social: https:// Taylor Swift tour has begun and Perez is part of the show..

Lady Gaga involves herself in the #free Kesha situation and the guys have some thoughts about that..

Justin Bieber is melting down - Perez is mad at him but also concerned about his well-being. The guys discuss Trump and wonder if their listeners are Donald fans. What's going on with Arianna Grande, the good and not so good. Perez dives in to his boredom with the Kardashian nude pics.

Go to DAILY dash HARVEST dot com and enter promo code PEREZ to get three items FREE off your first box! Some disagreement about the Golden Globes and the "message." Should Oprah actually consider being President? And Perez worries for Kim Kardashians safety during Kanye's antics.