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I think sometimes we look at movies and entertainment as a business, and it is, but that business is built upon this incredible ability to take what is on a page and bring it to life.

That, to me, the magic of that journey and the magic of seeing that onscreen, is what really motivated me to want to pursue it as a career goal. I was accepted to both schools, but when I found out I was rejected from the film school at USC I thought in my mind, “There is not a chance I am ever going to go here.” But since I had already paid the money to visit the school, I thought I would at least finish out the visit.

RM: You spent a decade at Sony and started your company, Franklin Entertainment to develop and produce films.

Now that you are teaming up with 20th Century Fox, what does this mean?

We pursued it for fun initially, we did a ton of “extra” work, and then it kind of kept upgrading to having a Barbie commercial, then a Pringles commercial, now you have a Mc Donald’s commercial to having one line, then two lines, then you’re in three scenes, literally working from the bottom up.