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"..which he excitedly and with his capturing smile said to me, "then Shaya, you and I will have to climb up and 'shlep' him down".....Reb Noach has now climbed up to Shomayim to 'shlep the Moshiach down'......zecher tzadik livracha Although not related to the great man (despite our common family name), I was a student at aish ha torah in yerushalayim for one year, in 2005.Update: December 24, 2008 After undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments in Israel earlier this year, Rabbi Weinberg has been recuperating but is still very weak.

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The Talmud (Brachot 12b) says: "If a Torah scholar is in distress, one must become sick over him." If we have compassion for Rabbi Weinberg by genuinely sharing in his pain, this arouses Heaven to have mercy on Rabbi Weinberg as well.

Let each of us do what we can to help Rabbi Weinberg -- by storming the Heavens with our prayers, teshuva, and spiritual growth.

Olam Haba must be just a little more holy this month. Although I personally have never met Rav Weinberg zzt"l I feel the world has lost a great tzaddik who has brought thousands of Jews back to Yiddishkeit. Who will shout from the rooftops of the world about its insanity,resentment and greed? Thanks for the Bracha that protected me when I was in harms way in Bavel. Thank you for your help to discover Hashem and the emet of the holy Torah.

Truly he was a legend in his time - larger than life. Undoubtedly the legacy of his teachings will continue to be spread and make this a better world until the coming of Mashiach. Hamakom Yinachem Eschem Besoch Shar Aveilei Tzion Veyerushalayim. Who will rally the troops to march forward and fight the fight of Torah wisdom and values? What you started will only continue to grow as you have instilled in us a part of you. I was a talmud of R'Noach in 1966 in Yeshivah Mevaseret Yerushaliym. BD'E Will never forget Reb Noach at my time at Ohr Someach from 9/73 - 6/74. It was in 1978, Reb Noach was in Toronto he told me that we need to have a Torah Revolution.

I had the zechus to learn sefer hamitzvot because of him. May his family have a true nechama besoch sharie availy yerushaliym. His sincere love and concern for others was such a blessing. He had said, if the Bolshevik revolution can succeed, and they had nothing to offer, than a Torah Revolution can change the world and the Moshiach will then arrive.