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It claims that the secrets to making lots of money will also be revealed at the end of the course.Within his internet business and marketing training, he offers Step By Step Training, in which he will guide you from the start to finish with a CEO lifestyle that will last for six months.

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Virtual CEO Lifestyle sounds like a wonderful new way of making money online, but in reality, the product is simply training for affiliate marketing, training that is available in many places online.

The program itself consists of training and software that automates a few components of affiliate marketing, but largely leaves the processes up to the user.

From time to time, there will also be some live webinars with the owner, Eben Pagan where there will be two tickets to a live training seminar where he will be revealing his secret to success.

To be honest, the information given so far by Eben Pagan is so vague that I couldn’t get any detailed information and ideas how he can help me to increase my success at the end of the training course. largely contains basic information for getting started in making money online through affiliate marketing.

There is really nothing about the training that is unusual or unique.