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Neolithic art is noted above all for its pottery, but it also featured free standing sculpture and bronze statuettes - in particular from the Indus Valley Civilization, the North Caucasus and pre-Columbian art in the Americas.

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For bronzes - statues and reliefs, see: Bronze Sculpture. The Venus of Berekhat Ram (dating from c.230,000 BCE or earlier) is a basaltic figurine made during the Acheulian Period, which was discovered on the Golan Heights.

For Pentelic, Parian, Carrara stone, see: Marble Sculpture. The Venus of Tan-Tan (c.200,000 BCE or earlier) is a quartzite figurine from the same period.

In any event, for all these reasons, the history of sculpture is closely linked with the politics, technology and financial prosperity of society.

Above all, its history is inextricably related to architecture, the parent art whose structures form such an important home for decorative sculptural works.

After an unknown catastrophe (probably earthquake) around 1500 BCE, the Minoan civilization collapsed, and Crete was conquered by the Myceneans from the Greek mainland, who were themselves overcome and the city of Mycenae destroyed around 1100 BCE.

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