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Featuring an ensemble of funny, flawed, and lovable characters who collide in a romantic, comic cocktail that turns every teen stereotype you think you know on its head.

Having read the synopsis to "Loserville", I must admit that I was not one to shy away from this movie.

The characters in the movie were rigid and one-dimensional, almost like if they were cardboard cutouts of themselves.

Whether or not this was the fault of the acting talents or because they had nothing to work with from the script and director Lovell Holder, I do not know. I was cringing throughout most of what I witnessed in my 30 minutes of visiting "Loserville".

When a new bridge is built connecting his island to the mainland he has to come to grips with the change and ...

See full summary » Alex decides to end his kid brother's nightmares by forming a task force to take care of imaginary monsters.

When their business becomes a hit, nothing can go wrong...until one of the monsters turns out to be real, and really big.

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    Baring in mind they broke up quite a while ago and she’s sort of seen other people, is it bad for me to fancy him?

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    The mixtapes were later remastered and rereleased on the compilation album Trilogy (2012), after he signed with Republic Records and created his own record label XO.