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I was mortified and depressed, and then they came back and said, ‘We want you to do Nadia.’ And it continued from there to be an amazing experience for me. I got to wear Diane Keaton’s boots from “Red.” It’s funny — people think as actors, you get a lot from footwear; you get the walk of the person. I think that’s definitely something that I’ve carried forward for myself.

For me, it felt like something was rubbing off from something she’d touched. And then it was just great to have someone in the leading role who was so into the details of the research.

I think that’s definitely something that I’ve carried forward for myself. What did you learn from working with the director, Ivan Passer?

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By the time she met her second husband, entrepreneur and political activist Jon Rubin, her career had shifted down a gear. "I'm a little too happy," she says, referring to her 1999 marriage to Jon Rubin.

Később Jon Rubin politikai aktivista mellett találta meg a boldogságot, a házasságból egy kislánya is született, Sophie most ötéves.

Did you immediately realize who was guest starring as a French mother on the latest episode of “Mad Men”? The actress turned up as the mother of Jessica Pare’s 26-year-old character Megan Draper. I couldn’t wait for the meaty roles that are hard to come by when you’re 22.

The appearance of Julia Ormond on AMC’s “Mad Men” threw some viewers for a loop on Sunday night. She responded: “I’m so happy that, at 43, I’m no longer that.

Estudió Arte Dramático en la Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art de Londres.