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Grace died, tragically, from injuries sustained in a car accident in Nice, France, just outside Monaco in 1982.

She suffered a stroke at the wheel and the car went over a cliff.

“I still have letters Lizanne sent me from (Los Angeles) because their father wouldn’t allow Grace to go out to Hollywood by herself.” The Historical Museum’s exhibit is extensive.

It includes an exact replica of the wedding dress she wore for her marriage to Rainier and numerous artifacts from her childhood, her years in Hollywood and later as European royalty.

At her peak popularity, Mc Granahan said “the celebrity culture was much more subdued than it is today.” Not that there weren’t moments. But he was famously banned from the famed Henley Regatta in England because he worked as a bricklayer and was deemed to be “not a gentleman.” Kelly gained the ultimate revenge by building the dominant brick business in Philadelphia and helping construct many of Philly’s most recognizable buildings, including Wanamakers’ department store.

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    Hilma, 14, escaped from alcoholic parents in the coastal town of Swakopmund when she was 10 years old and came to Windhoek because she heard it was "a nice place".

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