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He let up a run and left the door open for the Royals to tie it and eventually win the game and the Series.

Who knows if without Harvey’s shakiness the Mets would have been able to hold on and win two more games after that but that inning is associated with the beginning of the end for Harvey, fair or not.

Just like Mark Sanchez and Derek Jeter before him, Matt Harvey knew that if you’re on the top of the heap in New York there are certain advantages and social benefits (he outright admitted as much when he said he wanted Jeter’s love life).

He owned pieces of New York in the way only athletes at the top of their game can, especially with the swagger and confidence he was operating with at the time. Harvey’s performance isn’t why the Mets lost Game 1 of the 2015 World Series, but he did get lit up for an inside-the-park home run on the first pitch of the game.

Once the more frustrating parts of Harvey’s career are a little farther in the rearview hopefully Mets fans will be able to circle back and appreciate this part of his career for what it was. Game 5 was the true disaster, with Harvey’s gem of an eight-inning performance game overshadowed by his absurd, buttheaded insistence on staying in the game for the 9th.

That’s on top of his usual VIP visits to 1OAK, of which there were many. That’s where his three-game suspension partying occurred, among many other reported nights out.

After one start he threw himself a belated birthday party at the Hunt & Fish Club.

Here are the highs and lows of his time in New York. Harvey got the nod to start not one but two games in the series, a testament of the esteem the team had for him at the time.