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why this album exists as it does is simply down to the ‘feeling’, the nostalgia, the memory - its not about perfection or ego or demonstration - it’s just about what happens live - because live there is only one element that counts: Heart.

This album holds my heart, and the love of all the people who supported us along the way.

Something that would be a dedication to the people who welcomed us all over the world.

At first, i had wanted to seek out the “best of” in a way that would illustrate the most perfect performances from our concerts over the last few years.

Read More For this i could never understand why critics could hail an artist’s work only after his death - or why neon colors were hip - why Melody Nelson never soared straight out the gate then wound up a ‘classic’ - why a ‘63 Corvette was always goregous, but we love it more now that its nearly gone. This feeling that everything was better before than it is now... Time is passing - more so now than ever - blink and you’re 30, 40, 50,... Work too hard and your kids grow old - wait too long and you miss the boat - think too much and you forget to feel - the road is waiting and the journey isn’t nearly as long as we think...