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But, as per the dating history of this star, he is surely a ladies man rather than being on the gay side. Caption: James Lafferty is answering the questions of his fans in an interview like segment. Currently, he is busy with his obligations with Small Town Crime, a thriller where he plays Tony Lama.

In fact, after what he's learned, Kessler believes George Bush would not be president if not for Laura Bush. That's what happened with our president."Part of what has shaped the first lady comes from a tragedy in her past.

"First of all, she definitely guided him to give up drinking. She doesn't say I'm going to leave you," he told The Early Show co-anchor Hannah Storm. When she was 17 years old, she ran through a stop sign and killed a high school classmate.

Ronald Kessler has written a new biography, "An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady: Laura Bush," the first to be written with the cooperation of the White House.

And it reveals that the woman behind the president may have more influence than we thought, guiding the direction of many policies and weighing in on key appointments.

Rumors are common to arise in a celebrity's life, and James can't escape that.