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Till now there is no any information about his love life, but it is confirm that he is yet unmarried.As we don't have any exact information about his current relationship status, he is assumed of being single.It's no secret Disney stars date other Disney stars, as evidenced by Nick Jonas admitting "we were all dating each other" when talking about his House of Mouse days.

I grew up working in sitcom, so it’s just like being home for me. What is it with our fascination to turn out straight people? We’ve all had crushes on heterosexuals, but what about that line you shouldn’t cross. Seems like that’s directed to our gay friend Kevin! We agree with Bold and Sugar that you should stop thinking that all good looking guys are a friend of Dorothy!

Surely you wouldn’t want a member of the opposite sex constantly trying to make you straight, right?

It’s truly a blessing to love a job so much and I definitely do. TM: Make sure it’s something you definitely want to do. you just have to be ready to work for it and have the passion to succeed and to never give up. Im flattered, but #fail” – Tahj Mowry via Twitter Even now, the rumors continue to spread, just like the ones about Chris Brown (Which I can only hope are just rumors).

It’s also a new type of character for me which is always fun. The younger brother of Tia and Tamera Mowry has long been the target of homosexual allegations, even after attempting to set the record straight via Twitter:“I wonder when gay guys r gonna realize they cant have me. There is a trend with people labeling good-looking, fashionable men as “closet homosexual”.

Leather sure is one of the sexiest material for men’s trousers, isn’t it?

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    The character was introduced at the start of the third season, recruited to the warehouse for his as yet unexplained special power — he always knows when someone is lying.

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    Common sense precautions should be taken however when arranging to meet anyone face to face for the first time.

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    20% of porn addicts prefer porn to sex with their wives.

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    Generally, these ladies are to the left of the chicks on MSNBC, but if you demand ideological purity in a woman you are pretty well hopeless.