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****** Mike Thompson, Fox 4 meteorologist, will be the guest speaker for Platte City’s Memorial Day ceremony on Monday, so if he doesn’t get good weather it’s his own fault. We shook hands and then for a sentence or two our exchange got slightly locker room-ish, so I’ll spare you the details.

Many of you have contacted me with general concerns about your postal service. ****** So I stepped out of my car at the groundbreaking for the new Park Hill elementary school on Tuesday and immediately was provided proof that my column last week about school board members having no tummy had struck a nerve. An in-tune Landmark reader emailed this observation: “I have always felt that some board members communicate clandestinely with each other before meetings so they don’t have to think in public or take a lone wolf stand. ****** Talk to any business that does a large amount of mailing in Platte County and you’ll hear horror stories about delivery service in certain zip codes.

Timely delivery of a periodical product is extremely important to the mailer--this is, after all, our livelihood they’re jacking with.

The post office bureaucracy often doesn’t seem to care.

What’s sad about it is the Supreme Court gave no details on why it ruled the way it did.