Who is usher dating now updating avocado green bathroom

Rebounds don't last and mistresses end up miserable women. Get real Ursher, you going to throw your career away as soon as she gets too emotional. Why divorce and jump into another serious relationship so fast? Now this has gotten even more silly and unrealistic. My opinion is he left her due to his mother fighting it. This woman is not attractive as his former wife was and she is no match for him at this point. I don't like that he got married and had a baby then broke it off so soon. He's not very good looking and she was a decent looking woman. I wouldn't speak to my moms if she did that, I don't care if I was marrying a cow.

He is now living in New York, so maybe he's shooting there, dont ASSume.

I have followed his career for years, I LOVED him committing and getting married I thought it was sexy, mature, and made him distinguished from the rest.

Wiz Khalifa and Usher are doing a brand new song that gets unveiled tonight ...

but one raps about the love of his life, while the other sings "good riddance" to his baby mama.

It just pisses me off that so many of these celebrities can't even get privacy wherever they are.. How would you feel if somebody shoved their camera so far down your throat that they could tell what you ate for lunch??? It is amazing to me that people criticize his choices.