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What most experts agree on, however, is that when a man develops a pornography addiction, it can be devastating to a relationship.

"When porn becomes addictive," says Les Parrott, Ph D, a Seattle-based psychologist and the author of Crazy Good Sex, "a man relies on it to become stimulated instead of relying on his spouse." He explains that the neurochemicals flooding a man's brain during a porn fix (also called "eroto-chemicals" by psychologists) can create a cocktail in the body that researchers believe may be as addictive as cocaine. "Studies have shown that porn fuels unrealistic expectations about what sex should be like," says Dr. "It makes men less satisfied with their partners." Do you suspect that your guy may be getting sexual gratification from pornography instead of you?

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For example, instead of dinner and a movie for your next date night, do something active together, suggests Dr. "Exercise makes people feel better about themselves and may increase endorphins." You can also make him a healthy, lowfat dinner.

"Those who eat heavy, fattening, greasy or overly sugary foods may feel tired and sluggish, not sexy," he adds. Excessive Masturbation Yes, masturbation can be an awkward thing to discuss with your husband.

"When you're thinking, 'I wonder if that may be going on,' chances are it may be. "He needs to acknowledge the problem, and set up safeguards to prevent himself from falling into it again." 3.