Windows server reverse dns not updating wifi validating identity certificate

windows server reverse dns not updating-68

I think that seeing my clunkier approach actually helps reveal what’s happening under the hood, so I’m not going to change this content, but I will use Adam’s method in future myself.

Adam Lepkowki’s comment/approach: Adam Lepkowski says: December 31, 2014 at am SSL binding can be added in such way: – Run Set-Adfs Ssl Certificate -Thumbprint thumbprint_here This command will add new entries for ports 43 and update existing localhost binding.

And you’ll note there is no update command (that I can find), so we need to delete the old binding and create it anew. Once we have a responsive Security Token Service on our new URL, we need to update the Relying Parties that AD FS serves.

This would be a really good time to make sure certificate trusts are in place, all the way up the chain as needed. There’s no way I could document all of these, but since this process is surprisingly poorly documented for Share Point, I’ll detail what it looks like for Share Point 2010 here.

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