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” If the majority to your answers is YES, girl, you really need to read this because likelihood is you have been pushing away so many guys because you simply don’t act like a high-value woman. He wants what other men want and what he has to work for to have. Not just texting but also I’m scarce in other means of communication as well. Do you always write in long paragraphs, get too much into detail (something that has to be reserved for in-person or phone conversation) and use many abbreviations that not everyone understands? Do you often get no response or a very short one like “k? Needy, clingy and insecure ’cause you need a lot of attention and constant validation/assurance. A man wants a prize, whether or not he wants to admit it. You may not be any of the above but that’s the exact impression you create with your communication style.

By this time he has known your personality and character through your texting habits, among other ways, and he won’t think any differently just because you touch base every now and then when he’s slacking.

At the end of the day, you will know if a guy is into you and want to pursue this. Lean back and relax and keep your life full and exciting so you are not always hooked to your cell (here’s how to be a man’s MUSE without even trying so hard). Please sign up for my regular Leaning Back And Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop.

My groups aren’t moderated and it’s what sets them apart, believe it or not!

Transformation happens gradually or fast (depending on where you are in your journey) because you are forced to see your own reflection in every member that stirs a strong emotional reaction in you.

The groups make you AWARE and AWAKE, that’s the entire purpose of my teachings.