Wow updating setup files

wow updating setup files-36wow updating setup files-37

I cant find any solution on the internet that I have not tried yet.(I tried everything with my firewall on and off)I have even been searching to download the game from a different site but it seems that I cant find the EU version one.

I dont know if admins like this information on the forum (this is my first post ever) but im desperate... really need some help because of how its looking right now.... Edit: After looking a long time at the updater I have noticed this: It goes like 3% but then jumps back immediately..

Also the time I was able to play wow, I never started wow from the launcher since I got the "updating setup files" bug. There are many threads similar to this one reporting the same "UPDATING SETUP FILES" fault.

This thread is the only one to have a BLUE POST and that is because someone found a fix that worked for them and the BLUE POST offered no constructive advice, in fact, which is just a pat on the back and a lame apology.

Today I was already logged into Wo W when the game suddenly disconnected me.