error validating steam userid ticket - Xbmc 11 library not updating

xbmc 11 library not updating-52

I opted to not install Sapphire as I found it REALLY buggy and problematic however I really loved how it would display content with IMDB info and Cover Art.

I've seen screenshots of a similar display of content in XBMC and I would like to enable this feature.

Just go ahed and try its Free (ad supported)How to set up XBMC and the XBMC Constellation:

Please disable "Verbose" logging When logs (server or client app) are requested for an investigation, please do NOT turn on "verbose" logging unless it is explicitly requested.

Traceback (most recent call last): File "cherrypy/_cprequest.pyc", line 618, in respond File "cherrypy/_cperror.pyc", line 233, in __call__ Not Found: (404, "The path '/xbmc Cmds/xbmc Http' was not found.") I'm not sure what you mean here. This is ment to also run on the same machine right?